Roof strengthening and renewal,
Grape Street


Bloomsbury, Covent Garden

Contract value


Project duration

18 weeks

We were hired to complete a large roof renewal as part of a wider construction project. Three existing buildings had been knocked through internally so that they could be converted into new open plan offices. As the building was a shell, our team was able to come in and carry out all the necessary roofing works once the initial steelwork had been completed.

Works completed

  • Three slate roofs
  • Two lead roofs
  • Twelve electronic skylights
  • Roof strengthening by doubling rafters and timberwork


We carried out an initial survey of the site, putting together a clear specification for the work that would be required and submitting a accompanying quotation. Once this was approved by the client, we managed the project from start to finish and completed it according to the agreed specification.


This project presented several technical and logistical challenges that we were able to address through thorough planning and coordination. The vaulted ceilings within the new office building required us to complete a roof strengthening programme, doubling up the rafters to account for where cross timbers had been removed within the original truss roof structure. There was also no access to the rear of the building, meaning that a scaffold was only permitted on the building’s façade. This meant that project planning had to accommodate the need to bring all materials up to the roof via this less direct route. Finally, the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the initial project timings that had been agreed with the client. This meant that, although the work was meant to have been completed during the summer, it became a winter project instead. Where poor weather and snow prevented us from working on the roof exterior, we remained flexible and prioritised aspects such as timberwork instead.


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