Heritage roof renewal,
The Dyers Company Almshouses



Contract value


Project duration

18 weeks

We were contracted to complete this roof renewal project for The Worshipful Company of Dyers, a registered charity that provides accommodation for people of ‘modest means’ in its almshouses. All our work was completed to the specifications outlined within the company’s biannual programme of renovations. This was a heritage roofing project, where handmade clay tiles were required in order to uphold the aesthetic of the surrounding properties.

Works completed

  • Roof renewal using handmade clay tiles
  • Leadwork for chimney stacks
  • Associated lime mortar and wetwork


The specification for the roofing works was outlined in the company’s biannual programme of renovations. This included the necessary heritage requirements and had been prepared by the company’s appointed surveyor. We conducted a site survey to examine the properties, and priced the work based on the specification provided. In order to find a suitable handmade clay tile, we provided a number of different samples so that the client could select an option that was a close colour match and fit within the allocated budget.


As the almshouses are built in the distinctive Arts and Crafts style, any work needed to retain their existing character. This included sourcing appropriate materials and using traditional construction techniques when applying the leadwork to the chimney stacks and replacing the tiles. In order to produce the right finish, lime mortar had to be used – just as it had been during the original build. As the almshouses are occupied residences, it was essential that our team built a good rapport with residents, ensuring that all health and safety information was communicated effectively and that we could be approached with any questions or comments.


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